Close to 250 Casascius Physical Bitcoins Were Redeemed in 6 Months, $1.9B in BTC Remain Active

In the past six months, 244 Casascius bitcoins have been redeemed for digital value. Mike Caldwell’s Casascius physical bitcoin collection is one of the most sought-after BTC collections. Rare coins often sell for more than their digital face value. According to stats, there are currently 19,676 active or unredeemed physical coins.

Each physical bitcoin is unique in that each one has a different amount of digital Bitcoin. Some coins have.5 in value, while others only hold a single TTC. Caldwell also created gold bars with bitcoins loaded onto them, such as the 100 BTC Gold Bar. Casascius bitcoins can hold 25 Bitcoin, and units can carry 500 to 1000 TTC. An example: On March 30, 2022, a ‘S1_COIN-25’ worth 25 BTC, was peeled and redeemed to a digital value of $1.14 Million.

The S1-COIN-25 also contained 25 bitcoin cash ( CH) as well as 25 bitcoinsv( SBSV_), but these crypto assets were not used by the Casascius bitcoin owner. An ‘S2-COIN-5″ was peeled five days earlier and converted to $55 BTC, or $230K. Casascius’s bitcoin owner also kept the 5 CH and 5 SSV because they have not been used. There are still 19,676 Casascius physical coins left that can be used, but only 8,262 of them have been redeemed.

42,516 Bitcoin worth $1.9 billion Remain Loaded on Casascius Physical Bitcoins. Unfunded Coins sell for a Pretty Penny

There are a few hundred more than 20K physical coins that have not been peeled yet, but this does not include the BTC remaining unredeemed. On the 19,676 Casascius Coins that remain unpeeled, there are 42,516 Bitcoin (UTXOs), which have yet to be redeemed. Today’s exchange rates for bitcoin ( BTC), indicate that this amount is $1.9 billion.

Casascius’ physical bitcoins often sell for more than their digital value on secondary market. Unloaded bitcoins can be sold for quite a bit, even if the digital funds are swept away. An unloaded 25 BTC digital bitcoin that has had the funds swept away sells for $21,000 on Ebay. It is difficult to find a loaded Casascius bitcoin, and there are many unfunded coins available on the secondary market that can be used for collecting purposes.

There were 43,000 Bitcoin still unredeemed loaded on 19,920 Casascius bitcoins. There have been 484 Bitcoin redeemed in the last 198 days, with 42,516 still unredeemed.

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