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Bitcoin Trader: Trade Like A Pro

Bitcoin Trader

With the advent of trading tools and automated apps, everyone can try their hands at trading. When you are trading, be it in Bitcoins or in any other trading instrument you buy or sell assets based on market movements.

You might have your own rules to make decisions. But if you are a beginner without much understanding of the market, what do you do? Or if you know trading but do not have the time to spend on watching the market, then what do you do?

This is where Bitcoin Trader comes into the picture.

No matter what you budget for investment is, it is good to have a small portion invested in cryptocurrencies. This is a relatively new market that has been growing explosively. Tap into the potential of cryptocurrency trading the easy way, with Bitcoin Trader.

Bitcoin Trader for Auto trading

The auto trading features on Bitcoin Trader platform makes it easy for users to cover the entire trades performed in the market daily. Traders who try to do this using manual trading method hardly cover the thousands of transactions and market signals; this means they lose potential opportunities. We tested the system on Bitcoin Trader and found out that it performs trades much faster than the regular market. We are not surprised after all Bitcoin Trader is run by intelligent robots.

We had a smooth operation using testing the system; all we needed to do while testing the live trading feature was to make a deposit and sit back to watch the robots do their work.

Automated trading is one of the best innovations that had been introduced into the cryptocurrency market. From my experience as a trader, I have spent countless hours performing manual trades and still missed high valued market signals that would have helped me earn more profits. With systems such as Bitcoin Trader, I am sure that would not have happened because robots are in charge of analysing the market. This is why I made the switch to start using auto trading platforms for cryptocurrency and dedicated my time to test them, so everyone will know which auto trading platforms work.

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The best choice  Bitcoin Trader is NOT a scam
High Profit Ratio
Easy & Fast Withdrawals
Works also via App
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How does it work?

The technology used to create the BitCoin Trader Investment Robot is proprietary and patented. It has helped to create a system that is one step ahead of the markets and anticipates changes in asset prices and the direction of their movements.

Laser-sharp algorithms perform lightning-fast calculations while recognizing the result of an investment or trade. This has led to the development of software like this one, which is capable of dealing with almost zero errors and losses. There were reports of trading days without a single loss, with an average accuracy of almost 99%.

NOTE: BitCoin Trader can accept a limited number of users daily. If you miss the current 24-hour window, you have to wait for the next day. This is done to provide a first-class service to all current and new users.

With the performance integrated into the platform, the software is able to double or even triple the initial investments of global dealers. All this thanks to its composite algorithms and sophisticated development. And it also offers the opportunity to participate hands-free, thanks to the opportunities offered by trade.
Steps to get started

The most important part you should remember is that you join not only a free but also a legitimate investment platform. One in which your funds are safe while growing exponentially thanks to the high profitability and accuracy of the software.

  1. Full registration – with this step you claim the FREE proprietary licenses of the professional team of experts who developed the crypto robot.
  2. Fund Account – You will be contacted by a dedicated support team to further introduce you to the process. The next step is to activate the software by financing it with at least $250. The amount of your earnings and profits and how fast your online income grows depends on this first deposit. But the minimum is $250 and is only used for trading.
  3. Start trading – you get the opportunity to win your profits from crypto trading with BitCoin Trader both manually and with support, depending on your preferences. This is determined by you and at the push of a button.

How Bitcoin Trader Operates

My team found it very easy to test all the features of the Bitcoin Trader to know how it really works. Unlike some other platforms, we tried to test but could not open an account. On Bitcoin Trader, our new account was opened in a few minutes and ready for use. Bitcoin Trader robots scrutinize the cryptocurrency market to detect the most profitable trades for cryptocurrency pairs. It is all about buying cryptocurrencies at a low rate and selling higher to make a profit. When the price of cryptocurrency drops or rises, the robots detect these changes and can perform trades on behalf of the user.

For extra assurance, all trades scheduled by the robots are vetted by the brokers who confirm that the transactions are potentially profitable. After vetting, the trade is processed on behalf of the user. It is so simple, but the best part is that we confirmed this system works. Continue reading to know more about our experience while testing the features of Bitcoin Trader.

Registering a new Bitcoin Trader account

Step 1: Registration

To begin our experience with the Bitcoin Trader, we needed to register a new account. This was done quickly, after opening the registration page; we entered the required information such as account name, phone number, and an active email address. This information was verified in seconds, and our new account was ready for use.

We set the password, which is mandatory and proceeded to make a deposit. During the registration process, I observed that it was completely free; we did not have to make any payments to create a new Bitcoin Trader account.

Step 2: Making a Deposit

On the Bitcoin trader platform, there are different options to make a deposit; the range starts from $250, which is the lowest deposit any user can make and ends at $15,000, for the users who have more experience and have been on the platform for many years. For this review, we decided to start with the minimum deposit of $250.

We observed that the developers provided multiple payment options on the website. This is a good thing because Bitcoin Trader can be used by investors in over 150 countries all over the world. So it helps to add different payment options to enable everyone to make payments easily. The Payment options include MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, bank transfer, Maestro, and some others. To make our first deposit, we chose the MasterCard option. Before making a deposit, my team checked the online security system; thankfully, it is the SSL which is reliable and secure for online transactions.

Our deposit was credited in the new Bitcoin Trader account in less than ten minutes; this is a good thing because delays in processing deposits can make users miss a good earning opportunity.

Step 3: Demo trading

Bitcoin Trader offers a demo trading feature. It is a replica of the original auto trading platform but works without the use of real money. Demo trading feature helps users study how auto trading transactions are done. For experienced traders like me, we think this is an excellent feature, before making a deposit; I can study the demo trading processes to know if the system is following the right processes to get highly profitable trades. This is possible because I already have an idea of what cryptocurrency trading entails. However, for new users who are expecting to leverage the auto trading features without knowing much about cryptocurrency trading, we are doing this review for you, to confirm that this system really works.

Step 4: Live Trading with Bitcoin Trader

We found out that Bitcoin Trader offers a wide range of cryptocurrency pairs for trading. This provision can significantly increase earning potentials for all users.

Another thing we noticed about the Bitcoin Trader is how the system can reliably perform trades independently. This is a good thing for busy users who want to grow a passive income by trading cryptocurrencies. The system only needs to be activated and live trading starts, we spent only about twenty minutes to start a live trade session and stop it after we had earned a profit. This means users can spend a few minutes on starting live trading without experiencing any interruption in their daily activities.

After watching how the system performs live trades for two hours, during the live trading test, I can confirm that every user stands the chance of earning more profits on this system, I have had many years of experience as a trader, so I know the moves and market signals to follow. The trading robots on Bitcoin Trader platform are intelligent and capable of detecting profitable trades.

After a few hours, the system performed trades on our behalf, and at the end of the trading session, we had a profit of $135 added to our account balance. This was amazing; earning a profit without manual trading is the best, especially when the auto trading platform is legit. My team and I were impressed with the outcome of our live trading experience with Bitcoin Trader.

Robot BitCoin Trader
Official Website URL www.bi
Support Types Email, Chat
Minimum 1st Deposit $250
Payout 99%
Open FREE Demo Open FREE Demo
Deposit & Withdrawal Methods Master Card, American Express JCB, UnionPay Neteller, Skril, Perfect Money, WebMoney
Number of Assets 50+
Overall Score 3.7/5

Bitcoin Trader Review Summary and Conclusions

This software is a farcical scam and therefore entirely blacklisted in our revealing review and investigative report. For those of you who have already taken the bait and tested the waters by depositing or funding a real money trading account, you should know that Bitcoin Trader is a verified investment scam and you should not reinvest at any point and time. You should also be made aware that the con artists behind this fake trading robot are convicted felons with a checkered past and an extensive criminal history (that’s the real secret and regrettably also the truth). These crooks specialize in credit card fraud, identity theft, software manipulation (rigged systems deliberately set to lose), and tax evasion. There is no way for you to profit here, and even if you have made a few measly bucks you are sure to lose them if you continue trading. In light of all the proof and evidence our staff has compiled, we are compelled to blacklist the Bitcoin Trader software and recommend our members and viewers seek alternative trading avenues. As always, we would like to invite you to join our  Facebook Group and YouTube Channel, so don’t wait and get educated!

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